Anomalies in sun’s orbit

Anomalies in orbit of the sun

We have to acknowledge that we sadly live in a world in which most of our fellow species lack basic education and common sense. Shockingly the majority of the population does not seem to have even basic insight about their very own world, such as the fact that every star they can see in the night sky is either another massive sun such as our host star, or even an entire galaxy filled with billions of stars and star systems. With this knowledge, it should not take more than a minute of logical thinking to understand that we cannot be alone. To even consider it, is both absurd and proves lack of common sense. 

There is plenty of photographic and video evidence of alien visitors accessible, both ancient and recent and while many of them are very convincing and are backed up with evidence and hundreds of witnesses in some cases, such as the Phoenix incident, many others can’t be proven to be authentic without doubt.

The following three cases are truly interesting and took place in close orbit of the sun in extreme conditions and were recorded by NASA/ESA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and were made accessible through Helioviewer – a visualization tool to enable the exploration of heterogeneous solar and heliospheric data-sets recorded by SDO.

In this first example the object only appears in one frame, so the possible refueling, what it seems to be doing, must have been rather quick. Keep in mind though that the frames in the video are at least an hour apart. The seemingly small craft could be larger than our moon. We will get into details about size comparisons later. The following footage was recorded on November 27th, 2016.

Video doesn’t load? Watch it on Youtube.

The image appears to show an unidentified object connected to the sun by a line. There is not much information but it is the only of the three examples where a possible explanation could be, that we are dealing with something solid being ejected from the sun. Rather unrealistic, but still possible.

Let’s move on two the second example. While the first was recorded with AIA171 filter, the filter used for the second object was AIA0335 and the object of interest was significantly larger than the first. On July 22, 2012 at 14:40:46 UT NASA SDO observatory accidentally photographed a possible UFO near the Sun. Photographs also were later made available publicly via Helioviewer. A project that is funded by ESA and NASA.

Interestingly NASA didn’t upload the image on their official SDO website, which is a good indication that we are looking at something of magnitude here, since NASA is well known to remove, brush out and lie about evidence showing UFOs and other proof of extraterrestrial life such as structures on the Moon and on Mars. There are also no images available between 14:32:16 UT to 14:47:40 UT timeline on their SDO website. Take a look:

This second object is absolutely massive, possibly larger than Planet Earth and yet, it is no match for the final anomalies and if it is caused by an object, it is an incredible footage.

The video starts with a high resolution view of the object connected to the sun for days, followed by a full sequence from the arrival to departure over 5 days, which is a time frame from March 8th, 2012 until March 13th, 2012 with 10 minutes in between frames. After that we will show some closeups and more details.

Video doesn’t load? Watch it on Youtube.

Usually after watching videos showing such incredible things, people tend to ask the wrong questions. Such as: Who are they? Where are they from? What do they want? There are certain questions that can very well be answered with enough research and others remain speculation. We don’t want to speculate or make up theories, but rather look at the facts and that’s what we should focus on. 

This object stays not only in orbit, but extremely close to the surface of the sun for a period of days. If you watch the video closely and keep in mind that the sun is rotating hour by hour, you can see this massive sphere remaining at the same position, unaffected by the suns rotation. That is one very strong indication that this is no natural phenomena created by the sun itself. If it was, the anomaly would move with the rotation and gravity of the sun instead of having its own controlled position in space and in the orbit of the sun. 

The second and probably strongest fact that this is by no means a natural phenomena is the way it detaches from the sun. It appears to be sucking energy from the surface of the sun to refuel in some manner, again a question we can not answer for certain, but we can see that whatever it is, is connected to the sun and after days (!) of possibly sucking energy or plasma from the sun’s surface, it detaches, takes off, so to speak and creates a disturbance of incredible forces and size. 

Which brings us to the most mind-blowing fact! This object is not the size of the moon, not the size of Earth but at least the size of Planet Saturn! Let that sink in for a moment. To make it easier to understand and compare, please study the following image where we compare the sun with other planets of the solar system and this, probably most incredible UFO footage ever recorded and accidentally released. 

The footage speaks for itself and is authentic coming from images from NASA/ESA who this time, luckily didn’t notice it in time to brush it out or take it off entirely as they did with other objects near the sun. Just to show you that they indeed brush and block out UFOs, we will share one more picture of such an example published by NASA. 

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The Facts

  • Multiple objects seemingly under intelligent control visited the sun and even appear to extract energy
  • One of the objects was as large as Saturn and disturbs a massive area of the surface of the sun when departing and detaching 
  • The chances that three different shaped objects are in extremely close orbit of the sun, some of them for hours or even days, make it hard to believe we are dealing with natural causes here. 


In our opinion the footage is proof of extraterrestrial life in one form or the other. The size of the objects are hard to comprehend, but then again we can’t compare alien technology that might be tens of thousands years ahead of our own. Their abilities will seem just as magic and impossible to us now, as it was for aborigines seeing our airplanes and other technology. 

What you can do

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