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Ancient Nanotechnology

In the years between 1991 and 1995 various Russian mineral prospectors made some peculiar discoveries at the rivers Balbanju, Narada, Kozhim and at the creeks Wetwisty and Lapchewozh. In a depth from 10 to 39 feet (3 to 12 meters) they found artificial artifacts made up of metal which hold a size from 3 centimeters to 0.0003 millimeters. 

You can see on the pictures that no matter who built these spirals, they must had access to a higher form of (nano) technology. A technology which is avaible to us only since some decades. One can exclude with absolute certainty that those spirals where formed by natural activities because on one hand they offer an astonishing regularity and on the other hand they are made up of copper, molybdenum and tungsten. They have a plain surface with traces of holes and partially have also cores made up of molybdenum and tungsten. By cognizing the special form and configuration of the spirals it was clear that they were used technically. Furthermore measurements showed that the proportions of the spirals possess the “golden ratio”. Most notably the bigger objects are made up of molybdenum and tungsten.

In this regard it is interesting that molybdenum has a melting point of 4748°F (2620°C) and is used by present day’s version of human beings mostly in electro-technics and rocketry as well as an ingredient for alloy (molybdenum-steel), as it also occurs with tungsten. The latter was produced for the first time in 1783 by the Spanish brothers Fausto Elhuyar and Juan José Elhuyar through beneficiation of tungsten trioxid. The very hard metal tungsten, even has an melting point of 6116°F (3380°C) and is used mostly as filament for illuminants today and as already mentioned it’s also used as alloy.

Amongst other things the objects were analyzed accurately through “Auger spectroscopy”. This allows an exploration of the surface without damaging or destroying any of the objects. The analysis was put in execution in the central scientific institute for geology and metallurgy in Moscow. The results were amazing. One examination report shows that the scientists come to the findings that the layer of earth in which some of the spirals were found can be dated back to more than 100.000 years! In that report it was excluded that those artefacts were residues or garbage from Russian space flight projects. Though some people who can not arrange the truth with their inflexible world view are nonetheless certain that those artefacts “have to be” remains of Russian space flight projects or suchlike.

If this really is the case then it would certainly be interesting to hear an explanation for the fact that those spiral artefacts were found in depths of up to 39 feet (12 meters).

The sentence which finishes the report of the Russian scientists is quite interesting too: “The data obtained allow the possibility of an extra-terrestrial technogenic origin”

Actual images of the nano-artifacts:

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The Facts

  • The artifacts are definitely not natural
  • They were not manufactured by today’s humans
  • The layers of soil in which the nano artifacts have been discovered, date back more than 100.000 years, to a timeline in which Neanderthals still wandered on Earth and the use of fire and simple tools were the highlight of civilization, according to mainstream historic theories
  • The proportions of the spirals consisted of the “golden ratio”, which is another indication for high technology and computing power being used to manufacture them


Using evidence of the objects or artifacts itself, the results of scientists in Moscow and common sense, the only two possibilities to explain these Nano Tubes are either an extraterrestrial origin or a long forgotten culture living on this planet that was more advanced than we are. Either way, our mainstream theories and history are proven incorrect.

What you can do

Information is a powerful tool. In a world in which the mainstream fake media is systematically brainwashing us, sharing these amazing topics is crucial. Please consider sharing any topic you find interesting with your family and friends.

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