Learn incredible facts about the world you live in.

“Most certainly, some planets are not inhabited, but others are, and among these there must exist life under all conditions and phases of development.”
– Nicola Tesla

CivilizationEarth is a resurrection of an old project from 15 years ago with the purpose to give you the opportunity to break out of the world of lies you were born into and are fed on a daily basis through the mass media. The world wide web is our first and possibly only way to share and learn truthful information on various topics.

In recent years a war has emerged on the internet – a war between truthful information with the purpose to awaken people on various very important topics and on the other hand, continuous mind control and lies. The internet has been purposely flooded with ridiculous false information, to take credibility from information that would harm their agendas, whatever they might be. With the spreading of absurd topics such as the flat earth theory to name just one.

While many topics remain hard to prove, some are supported with mind-blowing facts and these are the topics CivilizationEarth focusses on. The true history and creation of mankind and today’s humans, suppressed technologies, ancient civilizations with higher technology levels than ours, lies and false propaganda about recent historic events, such as the true agenda of Hitler and the Third Reich and of course the fact of Alien visitations and interference for millenniums, not just on Earth, but the whole Solar System.

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