Why Aliens won't invade Earth

(Picture by John Berkey) While most of our topics are based on facts and physical proof, we should not ignore that oftentimes confusing topics can be easily answered for ourselves by taking a step back and looking at the big picture by using common sense.

When we talk about alien visitations and other topics, our world view and the way we grew up and were intentionally programmed by our school system, governments and religions (which work hand in hand for mass control since centuries) and (mostly) unintentionally by our own parents who didn’t know it any better, play a big role in how we view these subjects.

Today we want to talk about the subject of alien visitations and why the fear of alien invasions is absurd to think of and worse, be scared of. For that, we will step even further back than the general programming that holds us back to think rational sometimes. Movies and the mainstream media programmed us into believing an alien invasion threat exists. According to Dr. Steven Greer and the Sirius Disclosure Project, the dark forces that are in control, are planning a whole new dimension of false flag attack after the horrible mas murder of 9/11. According to Dr. Steven Greer, a fake alien invasion is in plans with holographic technology we have access to, to brainwash us into the need for space based weapons, just like 9/11 was an operation to get the population into another war in Iraq to get the oil and gold. But does it really makes sense for a highly advanced species to even bother with an invasion in the real world?

What do we need to do to answer this question?

  • Most importantly, we have to sit down for a moment and stop thinking from a human perspective.

What does this mean? Well, we are living in a construct so to speak, maybe not physically as some movies try to make us aware of, such as Matrix, but we do in fact live our lives out in a dream world. Without getting too much into the details of this dream world or false sense of freedom we are told to have, we can say for certain that most of the population rarely even step out of their house at night and look at the stars for example. We are so busy and used to live our lives on the same level – work – eat – entertainment – sleep- that most of us hardly realize that we in fact walk around on a sphere in the vast space, protected only by a fragile magnetic field and that our days are being lighted and warmed up by a super reactor, the sun – one of billions of stars.

How many of your family and friends do you think actually know and understand for a fact, that the dots in the night-sky are suns just “ours” in the center of this solar system, or even better, entire galaxies filled with stars? I believe, how sad it might be, that most of the people surrounding us don’t have the slightest clue about basic facts of the world we live in. We like to portray us as the top species but quite honestly, when we take a look around, one can only wonder how other species must look down on us in disgusts.

It was only 200 years ago that we, the “pinnacle of intelligent life” went from candle light to electric light and from riding on horses to steam locomotives and cars with combustion engines – which we by the way still use to this day and yet, with our seemingly endless ignorance, we doubt other life in the universe and when we imagine it, we picture it hostile. But why? It makes no sense.

On many of the millions of planets in just this galaxy we call home, should be countless civilizations who not possibly, but surely are far, far ahead of us in development and intelligence (not very hard to accomplish when you look around on this planet). They have access to technology we can’t even understand, just like a tribe member in even today’s remote forests, couldn’t understand and explain a flat screen TV, leave alone a magnetic train. Not too long ago we thought the Earth was flat or that the Earth was the center of the universe and burned our own kind on the stake for stating it could be wrong. We have to first realize that in the time span of a civilization, which we barely can call ourselves at the moment, today’s humans are still at the very low stages of technology and possibilities, especially living against nature instead of in harmony with it.

What does it take for a civilization to survive long enough to get to a technological level that enables them to explore the stars? Certainly not a system of currency, different countries, languages and borders within their home planet at least. Thanks to insiders who worked on reverse engineering projects like Lazar, we know that Alien races make use of anti-matter or element115 to create unbelievable amounts of energy to bend space-time to travel without the loss of time, by bending space-time directly, so that departure and arrival location is the same place. Who knows what other ways of travel they have access to.

Let’s remember again to stop thinking from a human perspective. We can’t base possible intentions of Alien visitors on our own insecurity, fear or failure to rise as a peaceful civilization. Maybe we base our fear of an advanced civilization on the way we treat each other? We have yet to get rid of religions and flags and stop wasting time fighting and killing each other. A civilization that has access to a level of technology that enables space travel in such a way as we know, has the same level of technology for any other possible needs in their culture.

What are the most feared possible reasons for aliens to invade this planet and attack us Hollywood style?

  • Need humans as slaves or food

This first possible reason is actually quite funny to think about, but believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there living among us who think that’s a real possibility. Let’s think about why this is illogical. A civilization with the level of technology to come traveling to Earth, also must have the technology to build robotic or biologic help, clone or other means to get hard work done. Did you know? The famous alien greys apparently are a biological helper race, that was artificially bred to help with various tasks and keep their real makers safe from the dangers. Hence they have been described as emotionless or indifferent by those who encountered them during abductions etc. They are basically organic robots with psychic powers for communication and control.

Conclusion: There is no need to go through all the hassle of invading the planet just to get a work force – or humans as food source – which is even more absurd to think of. Once again, we seem to be afraid that someone could do to us what we do to animals and each other.

  • Expansion and need for space
  • Resources

At first glance that might be a good reason for them to come to Earth and according to the Sumerian culture, which was, from what we know today the birthplace of modern humans, the reason the Annunaki came to Earth was to mine gold for their home planet and created humans in the process as laborer to mine these resources. However, we have now spread like a virus all over the planet and did a great job in destroying most of it already and bring the entire balance of the planets ecosystem out of control and it is now surely one of the least desirable places in the galactic real estate market. Seriously though, someone with the ability to travel in space and visit other worlds, also has the ability of terraforming hostile planets that aren’t inhabited by other half way intelligent creatures and are able not only to mine other locations in the galaxy without disturbing other races, but possibly even create resources by combining matter the right way to shape objects to their need. Even we have a good understanding how different materials are build up on an atomic level and now thanks to quantum research, we know that all matter is merely energy or vibration, so who is to say they can’t simply create all kind of matter with their technology, whether it’s gold or anything else they could possibly need? Surely whatever an alien race could need, most of it is already depleted on Earth anyways.

The only reason we could think of why other lifeforms would come to Earth to attack humans, is our destructive nature, our endless wars and conflicts and the fact that today’s humans are mentally degrading more and more by the decade and in the process destroying this absolute garden of Eden we were allowed to live and spread on. In that case though, they could very easily spread a virus that only targets humans, to give the animal kingdom, nature and the planet in general a chance to recover from the infection that we are.

So isn’t the true reason why most humans are so afraid of Aliens because deep inside of of we are worried something unknown to us, is doing things to us we do to animals or ourselves? Once again it would help to take a step back and realize that nothing a visitor from another planet could do to us is worse than what we have done to each other already.

Stop being afraid to be enslaved by a slimy alien and do your part to treat others kindly and help those who do not have a general knowledge about our world to have the chance to learn more. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are.

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The Facts

  • An alien race with the technological level able to travel among the stars, will have other means to solve any of the few human feared reasons why aliens could possibly be hostile and invade the planet. They simply do not have the need to do so. The only logical reason for an alien race to step in, would be to help nature and rescue the planet’s balance and health from the virus that infected it – humans. And who would blame them for doing so?


Let’s spend more time in understanding the beauty of the world we live in and to share it with others around us who don’t see it yet and stop worrying about things we can’t control and which don’t even make any sense. Chances are that most civilizations passing by and have a quick look at this freak show we call our world, are here in peace and to hope that we are going to make the change one day to act as a true civilization and protect each other and our home planet from harm.

What you can do

Information is a powerful tool. In a world in which the mainstream fake media is systematically brainwashing us, sharing these amazing topics is crucial. Please consider sharing any topic you find interesting with your family and friends.

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