Learn incredible facts about the world you live in. No conspiracy theories, no nonsense. 

This is a resurrection of a project from 15 years ago with the purpose to give us humans a chance to break out of the world of lies we were born into. The world wide web is humanities first and possibly only chance to get information that is not used for any propaganda or purpose other than the truth, as hard the truth might be to accept for most people.

In recent years a war has emerged on the internet – a war between truthful information with the purpose to awaken people and mind control. The internet has been purposely flooded with ridiculous false information, to take credibility from information and facts and for more distraction, with the spreading of absurd topics as the flat earth theory to name just one.

Many projects that offer good information on interesting and important topics remain in the focus of jokes and in the target of paid employees with the intent to ridicule the contents, because sometimes content can not be proven and is based partially on theory. takes another route and will discuss mainly topics based on physical and historical facts and common sense.

At this moment we will start adding various topics while we work on the main purpose of this website – a highly interesting learning experience that brings you closer and closer to a higher knowledge about the world we live in. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Enjoy the content and please share it with as many friends as you wish and can. 

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